ReefPoint Group brings a vibrant culture of innovation that brings a unique mix of results-driven, cutting edge analytic thought to every ReefPoint Group project across all our service lines.  ReefPoint Group has the Proven Past Performance in Process Optimization, Modeling & Simulation, and supporting our client’s decision-makers throughout their organization. Challenges are met with the collective experience and skill sets of the entire ReefPoint Group team, from experienced business professionals to our passionate and data-hungry analysts applying industry-leading data science to process improvement.


Healthcare Innovation

Healthcare innovation

We define Healthcare Innovation to go beyond the traditional focus areas of information technologies and medical devices. ReefPoint Group understands there are still advancements that can be made and our data analytics certainly supports the decision analysis processes. We also believe the future of healthcare innovation will come from process and care modeling enhancements where IT solutions will make an impact far beyond just revising existing processes. Our team is committed to improving safety, quality, efficiency, and access across all aspects of the healthcare enterprise. Our Prior Past Performance in clinical decision support helps turn data into information so you can improve clinical workflows, streamline patient flows, optimize resource and staff utilization, and reduce variations across multiple disciplines. In an age where expansion, growth, and uncertainty of future healthcare policy is happening everywhere, you simply must take a proactive analytic approach to critical/strategic decisions inside your healthcare facility. ReefPoint Group supports your organizational goals with a proven approach to analysis and improvements in clinical outcomes, process and system flow, performance measurement, and resource management.  ReefPoint Group is dedicated to helping you design the healthcare delivery system of the future.

Healthcare Innovation


Federal Spending

Federal Spending Transformation

Large enterprises spend more than 50% of their annual budget on procuring goods and services, while facing increased pressure to minimize costs and achieve greater efficiencies. ReefPoint Group’s proven methodology provides increased visibility of spend patterns, and a thorough analysis of current methods to procure goods and services. By transforming how organizations plan, build, aggregate and standardize demand, significant volume-discounts can be yielded. ReefPoint Group’s proven analysis methods produce improvements such as:

  • Elimination of disaggregated demand, fragmented volume and poor vendor management.
  • Customized databases for long-term spending performance sustainment.

International Analytic

International Analytic Services

ReefPoint Group is developing international, multi-sector partnerships to offer our unique expertise to clients outside of the United States. The goal is to cultivate efficient global pathways for best practices and innovation in health care delivery and spending and procurement. Whether for advancing systems for disease surveillance and mapping, identifying opportunities for efficiency and cost-savings in government procurement practices, or re-engineering business processes to comply with new policies, ReefPoint Group can help clients find solutions to their most pressing challenges, no matter how complex.

International Analytic