ReefPoint Group brings a unique mix of results-driven, cutting-edge insight to promote a vibrant culture of innovation across all service lines. ReefPoint Group has vast experience in process optimization, modeling and simulation, and supporting decision-making. Challenges are met with the diverse experience of the ReefPoint Group team, including data scientists, industrial engineers, health systems specialists, and experienced business professionals.


Health InnovationHealth innovation

ReefPoint Group is a proven leader in cultivating and leveraging actionable insights through advanced analytics and strategic innovation across the spectrum of health. We enable governments, health systems, organizations, and communities worldwide to achieve optimal health. We provide holistic services that transcend traditional approaches:

  • Tailored Analytics
  • Assessments and Evaluation
  • Decision Support
  • Innovation Ecosystems
  • Policy and Strategy
  • Process Optimization
  • Program Management
  • Technology Integration

Healthcare Innovation

Strategic Sourcing

Large enterprises spend more than 50% of their annual budget on procuring goods and services, while facing increased pressure to minimize costs and achieve greater efficiencies. ReefPoint Group’s proven methodology provides increased visibility of spend patterns, and a thorough analysis of current methods to procure goods and services. By transforming how organizations plan, build, aggregate and standardize demand, significant volume-discounts can be yielded. ReefPoint Group provides comprehensive, tailored solutions for organizations to have increased visibility of their "actual" spending performance compared to budgeted costs, allowing companies to stay competitive through:

  • Internal Control performance dashboards
  • Optimizing workforce planning and retention
  • Cost-driver alignment policies
  • Regulatory planning analysis
  • Demand planning and forecasting

International AnalyticAdvanced Operations Analysis

ReefPoint Group uses data and advanced analytic methods to provide clients with improved knowledge for decision-making in capital expenditures, resource planning, performance measurement, and program evaluation. Our teams of data scientists, operations researchers, and analysts are adept at solving complex problems. We excel at translating data and information into actionable recommendations.

In addition, ReefPoint Group is developing international, multi-sector partnerships to offer our unique expertise to clients outside of the United States. The goal is to cultivate efficient global pathways for best practices and innovation in health care delivery and spending and procurement. Whether for advancing systems for disease surveillance and mapping, identifying opportunities for efficiency and cost-savings in government procurement practices, or re-engineering business processes to comply with new policies, ReefPoint Group can help clients find solutions to their most pressing challenges, no matter how complex.

International Analytic