who-we-are-worldwideReefPoint Group, LLC is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) founded in 2008 as a data-driven management consulting firm in the health, government, and business sectors. With a unique combination of data science, process improvement and advanced analytics modeling, ReefPoint Group provides clients with the data-driven knowledge and power to thrive. ReefPoint Group provides keen insight into market-specific challenges with a vibrant culture of innovation that brings results-driven, cutting edge analytic thought to all our clients.

Our mission and our passion is to help improve the healthcare systems of our military, veteran, and all other government provided healthcare organizations; as well as improving and streamlining the decision-making processes used to deploy tax-payer dollars. ReefPoint Group does this by leveraging the power of data and analytics to advance patient care, enhance the patient experience, and improve federal spending behavior. Simply stated, our vision is to be recognized as the #1 SDVOSB analytic innovation firm. In doing so, leading the way in the design and delivery of the healthcare systems of the future and transforming the spending behaviors of the federal government.

ReefPoint Group thoroughly understands the human element of changing performance across both healthcare and federal spending environments. Our process is to first listen to our clients in order to gain a deep understanding of the problem(s) before attempting to develop solutions. Using a combination of our advanced technical capabilities to analyze data along with our process improvement expertise, ReefPoint Group can quickly pinpoint the root cause of the problem. ReefPoint Group understands that implementing a solution is much more than simply updating standard operating procedures (SOP’s). ReefPoint Group coaches and mentors our client’s staff until all members understand the purpose for change and see positive results. ReefPoint Group ensures our clients leadership has the requisite tools to monitor compliance and sustain performance.

Our mission to provide the most timely and best solutions for our clients, helping them meet their missions and objectives. Our forward thinking and passion for excellence are the keys to executing this mission.