ReefPoint Group brings a unique mix of results-driven, cutting-edge insight to promote a vibrant culture of innovation across all service lines. ReefPoint Group has vast experience in process optimization, modeling and simulation, and supporting decision-making. Challenges are met with the diverse experience of the ReefPoint Group team, including data scientists, industrial engineers, health systems specialists, and experienced business professionals.


Health InnovationHealth Operations

ReefPoint Group's key differentiators is an ability to adapt and customize to any care setting using our process driven approach to high reliability and continuous improvement. ReefPoint Group's core goals and methodology are built on fundamental principles that can empower every care setting, while providing customized, scalable results across specialties and administrative functions in both inpatient and outpatient care settings.

Ultimately, our team will work to positively improve the care of your patients while recognizing measurable enhancements to overall organizational performance and benefits to staff through:

  • Improvement in Quality of Care
  • Reduction in Patient Safety Risks
  • Increases in Patient Satisfaction
  • Eliminating Waste (Both Time and Costs)

Healthcare Innovation

Health Technology Integration

As healthcare continues to advance, ReefPoint Group works to keep our clients at the forefront of emerging technology for key healthcare processes. In doing so, we recognize the challenges the healthcare community faces to procure and seamlessly integrate these offerings without disruptions to care quality. At ReefPoint Group, we strive to connect and ground these solutions in the real world, leveraging principles of technology integration with clinical workflows, immersive training methods, and proven change management.

Our team drives a tech-centric change management approach that configures the solution to best support individual users, current clinical workflows, and best practices through:

  • Health IT Environmental Scans
  • Health System Needs Assessments and Vendor Selection
  • User Centered Design and Configuration
  • Immersive, Ongoing User Training

International AnalyticData Science and Informatics

ReefPoint Group uses data and advanced analytic methods to provide clients with improved knowledge for decision-making for health finance and capital expenditures, resource planning and scheduling, performance measurement, and program evaluation. Our teams of data scientists, operations researchers, and analysts are adept at solving complex problems and extracting actionable insights even with incomplete or inconsistent data.

Our data science and informatics team supports an array of client needs including:

  • Data Strategy and Integration
  • Dashboards and Reporting for Historical and Real-Time Data
  • Modeling and Stimulation to Drive Predictive Analytics
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Support of Prescriptive Analytics
  • Special Studies and Analytics
  • Analytic and IT Staff Augmentation

International Analytic