Reefpoint Group

Why ReefPoint Group

Why Reefpoint group

We are always looking for exceptional candidates to join our team. If you are a strategic problem-solver who thrives on intellectual challenges, contact us! In addition to listed positions, please feel free to inquire about future opportunities that may meet your professional interests.

Send resumes and cover letters to


Sample Background...

  • BS or MS in Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics or Statistics
  • Experience in Healthcare, Industrial Engineering, Process Improvement or Operations Analysis
  • Proficiency in R, or similar statistical software
  • Interest in using the full data scientist toolbox

All in a day's work...

  • Shorten emergency room stays by analyzing big data sets for relationships between presenting conditions and diagnoses
  • Develop strategic sourcing solutions that preserve vital federal resources
  • Match staffing to demand for a busy healthcare system
  • Predict fraud through analysis of a government agency’s big data set
  • Facilitate and guide an innovation think tank for developing the healthcare delivery system of the future

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