We serve. We innovate.
We empower.

We operate at the crossroads of data, process, and technology delivering meaningful insights that are easy to understand and inspire action.

How Can We Serve You?

We Serve

Our team continues meaningful service, improving the performance, efficiencies and effectiveness of military and government agencies who take care of our servicemembers, veterans and their families.

We Innovate

Our team draws from industry experience and best practices to design and develop data, process, and technology solutions to drive innovation.

We Empower

Our team uses innovative technologies and analytics to help you efficiently discover new insights, spur innovation, navigate change, drive performance improvement, and create stakeholder value.

ReefPoint is a trusted partner who delivers impactful results

Our team has a passion for serving others, solving problems and driving innovation.

With decades of proven experience in the military, government and private sector, we are a trusted partner who will help you achieve meaningful results. We seek out challenges and bring the expertise and innovation to solve them.

Let us serve you

Health Innovation & Technology

We enhance existing operational and technical systems and deliver innovative solutions that optimize workflow and processes essential to the business of healthcare with a key focus on clinical, administrative and financial drivers. Learn More

Data Science & Advanced Analytics

We transform complex data into actionable intelligence. Through mining data to discover patterns, trends and relationships, we create intelligent workflows and visual representations that inspire action. Applying intelligent automation for AI/ML based predictive modeling to deliver a broad spectrum of solutions to help you make sense of complex and disparate datasets. Learn More

Operational Logistics & Readiness

With our team of experts who each possess decades of proven experience in crisis action planning and coordination in special operations, special warfare, defense, and humanitarian support, we deliver end to end logistics and supply chain capabilities solutions. Leveraging data driven solutions, we develop cost effective solutions and efficiencies to deploy, deliver and distribute resources globally to enhance the readiness and lethality of your team to accomplish your mission. Learn More

IT Integration & Interoperability

We help you understand complex data across disparate systems and transform that data into meaningful and actionable information. Our integration strategies are built on the highest-level commitment to data quality, data normalization and data exchange protocols. Our understanding of data-science and systems delivers a more reliable and valuable integration solution, putting the right data and insights at the fingertips of the decision maker at the right time. Learn More

  • Health Innovation & Technology
  • Data Science & Advanced Analytics
  • Operational Logistics & Readiness
  • IT Integration & Interoperability

Joint Venture

Taurian Consulting LLC is a new company bringing over two decades of combined public sector consulting experience between Guidehouse and ReefPoint Group and focuses on driving healthcare innovation and transformation for defense, federal and commercial health markets. This partnership strengthens the continued service and community commitments of both organizations.

Our team seeks out challenges and brings the expertise and innovation to solve them.

Veterans make up 38% of our company.

We serve, we empower and we create lasting impacts. Join our team!

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Our team seeks out challenges and brings the expertise and innovation to solve them.

We serve, we empower and we create lasting impacts.

Join our team!

Meet Our Team >

Founded by veterans.

Serving veterans.